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Fight Fatigue! – Part 3: Strength Train & Eat Right!

Written by Nisha Jackson on . Posted in Fatigue

Fight Fatigue – Be Ready to Take on the Day- Every Day!

A guide to boosting energy and strengthening your stamina!

Here is part three of your action packed plan for enhanced brain and body energy! We’ve combined steps three & four, as they go hand in hand. Find yourself fatigued regularly but can’t pin point why? Check your workout and diet habits… It could be the key to a significant boost in energy!

3.     Strength Train for Energy – If you have not done a sit-up, lunge, or push-up in “years” it is time

Jump Rope with Counter, strength training

Get movin’ with our unique jump rope!

to get going! Your muscle mass declines every year after age 35.  Adding strength exercises to your weekly workout schedule will help sustain or build your muscle mass. Additionally strength exercises enhance blood flow, (muscles have twice the blood flow as fat) energy, strength and stamina.  Starting with sit-ups, push-ups, and lunges in three separate sets of 10-20 reps, is a good place to start. Working with a trainer or a guide found on-line would provide more support for form and balance with these muscle-building exercises.

4.     Break for Broccoli NOT Sugar – If you have afternoon energy-burn-out, then the last thing you should be doing is grabbing a cookie or sugary snack/drink.  A bakery roll, cookie, coffee/mocha drink delivers plenty of calories for energy, but your body metabolizes them so quickly that your blood sugar drops, leaving you feeling exhausted.  You will maintain steadier energy by eating lean protein and high fiber, low sugar carbohydrates, (these slow the release of sugar into your body – allowing your blood sugar to stay optimal for longer periods.)  Try low fat/sugar Greek yogurt with nuts and raisins, scrambled eggs with spinach, slow cooked oatmeal, green salad with chicken, or use lettuce as bread with your turkey sandwich. Your body will take in the mixture of, unrefined carbs, protein and fat slowly, allowing your energy to stay up over longer periods of time.  In addition, do not skip meals and do not over-eat at any meal.  Try to stop eating two hours before bed, so that you can sleep more deeply, allowing your system to work on restoration and not digestion.

That’s all for today, but check back next week for the final part of my Fight Fatigue Action Plan!

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– Nisha