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Formulated to ENERGIZE, POWER-UP & WAKE UP your body! with more stamina, focus, and a positive steady mood! Cream base of Organic Jojoba and Aloe with the powerful

Essential oils: Orange, Rosemary, Neroli, Peppermint & Clary Sage

wake up body lotion with a sensational scent will help to wake your body and brain up each day to set you on your most positive path! Carefully formulated in an organic cream base of jojoba and aloe designed to use on the entire body to awaken and energize you. Each essential oil is selected to give your body and mind the signal that it’s time to wake up and tackle your day with energy, alertness, happy mood and vitality. The inhalation of this cream will additionally provide you with an uplifted mood, and overall sense of well-being with essential oils:

  • Orange-powerful stimulant, antidepressant & anti-inflammatory
  • Rosemary-positive mental clarity
  • Neroli –enhanced metabolism & circulation,
  • Peppermint –increased energy, digestion, & less muscle pain
  • Clary Sage –calms nerves.


Directions: Use on arms and upper legs initially, followed by full body as desired. May also be used as a hand cream or foot cream.

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16oz, Purse-Size