5-Pack – Purse Size


Product Description

look sexy body cream was designed to improve the look of your skin, enhance elasticity, and to help your skin sparkle! This lovely cream was formulated with essential oils carefully selected and mixed to change the way your skin looks and feels, enhancing the firmness of your skin, reducing the effects of aging, and improving clarity and tone. The inhalation of this cream will help your emotional clarity, calmness, focus, reduce inflammation and aid in detoxification, with the essential oils:

  • Nutmeg –natural astringent, reduces clogged pores, dry skin and extremely moisturizing
  • Myrrh – prevents aging of the skin, rejuvenates dry skin, increases the elasticity of the skin
  • Clary Sage – clarifying to the skin, regulates oil production, improves the look and tone of the skin, and is mood elevating
  • Frankincense – reduces sun spots, wrinkles, tightens skin and replaces old dying cells with new ones.

love me body lotion was designed to to help energize you and help you feel lovely all day! LOVE ME cream has the one of the loveliest scents that men love and women feel pretty wearing. Specifically formulated to help you attract what you are looking for, whether this is with the person you love, your next business deal, or that “someone special” with the essential oils. Love me cream can be used as every day wonderful smelling cream that highly moisturizes and leaves your skin smelling beautiful or as a special date to attract the one you are with, and of course whenever you want to get your way at work or on a date!

Essential oils:

  • Rose- symbol of love, opens the heart, attracts love signals towards you
  • Geranium- elevates the emotions of love and happiness
  • Jasmine – increases your attractiveness to others
  • Frankincense – natural protector, and increasing luck, uplifting mood and healing to the skin
  • Patchouli – energetically helps how we relate to others, attracts wealth and prosperity

detox body lotion will not only help your skin but is a powerful internal detoxifier through inhaling these essential oils and absorbing through the skin. This cream promotes improved skin circulation, removal of toxins (that lead to cellulite), while improving the brightness and tightness of the skin. Each essential oil is blended perfectly to give you the most powerful effect of beautiful skin with the following oils:

  • Lemon –cleanses and purifies skin surface
  • Tea Tree- reduces inflammation, tightens, heals skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, dryness, eczema, and aging skin.
  • Jatamansi- antifungal, antibacterial, soothing to the skin
  • Grapefruit-detoxifier, reduces fluid retention, improves skin brightness
  • Juniper- excellent for problem skin areas, enhances circulation

go to sleep body lotion will calm you just by inhaling the scent the minute you open the jar! This carefully formulated cream will help you begin the “slow down process” needed each night for deep restorative sleep. Each essential oil is perfectly selected to give you the most powerful effect of rest and relaxation with essential oils:

  • Lavender –alleviates insomnia, anxiety, depression, and restlessness
  • Roman Chamomile- calms nervous system, relaxes & soothes muscles
  • Vetiver-relaxes the mind, aphrodisiac effect & reduces inflammation
  • Marjoram- reduces snoring, generates happy feelings, relaxes body
  • Ylang-Ylang- lifts mood, relaxes brain, powerful detoxifier & balances hormones

wake up body lotion with a sensational scent will help to wake your body and brain up each day to set you on your most positive path! Carefully formulated in an organic cream base of jojoba and aloe designed to use on the entire body to awaken and energize you. Each essential oil is selected to give your body and mind the signal that it’s time to wake up and tackle your day with energy, alertness, happy mood and vitality. The inhalation of this cream will additionally provide you with an uplifted mood, and overall sense of well-being with essential oils:

  • Orange-powerful stimulant, antidepressant & anti-inflammatory
  • Rosemary-positive mental clarity
  • Neroli –enhanced metabolism & circulation,
  • Peppermint –increased energy, digestion, & less muscle pain
  • Clary Sage –calms nerves.