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Formulated for improved ELASTICITY, TIGHTNESS AND TONE of the skin with the addition of natural sparkles in a cream base of Organic Jojoba and Aloe with the powerful Essential oils:

Nutmeg, Myrrh, Clary Sage & Frankincense with Sparkles

look sexy body cream was designed to improve the look of your skin, enhance elasticity, and to help your skin sparkle! This lovely cream was formulated with essential oils carefully selected and mixed to change the way your skin looks and feels, enhancing the firmness of your skin, reducing the effects of aging, and improving clarity and tone. The inhalation of this cream will help your emotional clarity, calmness, focus, reduce inflammation and aid in detoxification, with the essential oils:

  • Nutmeg –natural astringent, reduces clogged pores, dry skin and extremely moisturizing
  • Myrrh – prevents aging of the skin, rejuvenates dry skin, increases the elasticity of the skin
  • Clary Sage – clarifying to the skin, regulates oil production, improves the look and tone of the skin, and is mood elevating
  • Frankincense – reduces sun spots, wrinkles, tightens skin and replaces old dying cells with new ones.


Directions: Use on your arms and upper legs initially, followed by full body as desired daily. May also be used as a cream to put on before going out for an extra sparkle or on your entire body for reduction of aging and skin problems.

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16oz, Purse-Size