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Go To Sleep


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Formulated to help you CALM DOWN, RELAX and get into

a DEEP SLEEP, while improving your restorative beauty rest!

Formulated in cream base of Organic Jojoba and Aloe with powerful Essential oils: Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, Marjoram & Ylang Ylang

go to sleep body lotion will calm you just by inhaling the scent the minute you open the jar! This carefully formulated cream will help you begin the “slow down process” needed each night for deep restorative sleep. Each essential oil is perfectly selected to give you the most powerful effect of rest and relaxation with essential oils:

  • Lavender –alleviates insomnia, anxiety, depression, and restlessness
  • Roman Chamomile- calms nervous system, relaxes & soothes muscles
  • Vetiver-relaxes the mind, aphrodisiac effect & reduces inflammation
  • Marjoram- reduces snoring, generates happy feelings, relaxes body
  • Ylang-Ylang- lifts mood, relaxes brain, powerful detoxifier & balances hormones


Directions: Use on bottoms of feet and legs initially, followed by full body as desired. May also be used as a hand cream or foot cream.

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16oz, Purse-Size