Stamina Plan

Stamina Plan Program by Nisha Jackson, PhD, MS, WHCNP, HHP
Stamina PLAN

STAMINA – Who doesn’t need
STAMINA for the….

  • Heart
  • Cardiac Performance and Blood Pressure
  • Exercise and Endurance – O2 control
  • Sex Drive and Function for Men and Women
  • Stress Management
  • Brain Performance

Today nearly everyone is exhausted more nights than not! The demands of life on all of us have reached an all-time high.  Couples find themselves caught up with busy kids, crazy schedules, late night dinners, jam-packed to-do lists, a messy house, and too much to do, nearly every night they throw themselves into bed. People are just mentally exhausted, and mental exhaustion can be detrimental to relationships. Rather than coming home after a stressful day, and falling gratefully into one another’s arms, couples are often out of sorts and at odds with one another. Instead of home being a refuge, home becomes a source of even more tension. Men often don’t get enough credit and acknowledgment for who they are and what they do, and women don’t get enough “talk time” to feel cared for, nurtured, and loved. This relationship dynamic is lethal to the sex life, putting a damper on the libido and intimacy.

In addition to this, attempting to stay in shape is also an enormous chore, as often those struggling with daytime fatigue do not have the stamina or energy that it takes to exercise the way they want to. This can stem from many factors; and one of them being poor oxygen circulation in the body to help the body feel alive and energetic.

Escalating blood pressure, racing heart, and loss of good oxygen to the brain and body can all result from stress and loss of good nitric oxide (blood flow) to the parts of the body that need it during stress, movement, exercise, sex, and brain stimulating activities, like work. 

Nitric Oxide is a vital component for both men and women’s stamina. This is the key ingredient to improving all of activities that rely on good blood flow for optimal functioning, whether this is sexual functioning, exercise endurance, good heart pressure and cardiac performance, and brain functioning during stress.  Utilizing key ingredients that boost nitric oxide such as optimal dosing of a liquid form of three Amino Acids, can naturally and safely improve performance, stamina, endurance, and drive efficiently and effectively with each dose.  Taken before a physical activity, before sex, before work, or during stress, these key ingredients can boost your performance both male and female, and create a much-needed boost to the heart and blood pressure for optimal functioning! Stamina can be ordered by calling our office.

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