25 Proven Mood Enhancers

Mood Plan Program by Nisha Jackson, PhD, MS, WHCNP, HHP

25 Proven Mood Enhancers

25 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Mood

  1. Tell someone that you love him or her. It feels good and opens your heart.
  2. Meditate—in a quiet place all by yourself for at least ten minutes. Set your intentions for the day, release negative energy, and fill up on positive energy and thoughts.
  3. Switch hands for daily tasks—this promotes brain growth and will sharpen memory and thinking.
  4. Engage your senses—smell consciously, listen intently, see clearly, and acknowledge the beauty that is everywhere.
  5. Build your resilience—allow yourself to feel strong emotions and know when to set them aside.
  6. Eliminate or limit sugary foods and drinks.

  7. Eat more protein.

  8. Start taking an amino acid mood supplement.
  9. Try something new—learn to snowshoe, hike a mountain, take a yoga class, go on a bike ride, start a language course, learn to knit, learn a sport.
By stimulating your brain, you’ll generate more enthusiasm for life.
  10. Change your sleep habits—aim for eight hours of sleep per night.
  11. Exercise to sweating thirty minutes a day—your mind and body are one; when you exercise your body, you exercise your brain, which improves your emotional wellbeing. Get those endorphins working for you!
  12. Get outside—counteract stress by walking and breathing deeply for five to ten minutes. Exhale slowly and very long to let out the stress and help your brain refocus.
  13. Get organized—clean up your home and workspace.

  14. Cut out or limit the alcohol—it’s a depressant and will worsen your mood.
  15. Focus on the positive—instead of asking yourself, “What is not right?” ask, “What is right?” Then, work to remove what is negative.
  16. Find someone every day to be thankful for—meditate on his or her wonderful qualities and celebrate how much that person means to you.
  17. Plant a garden—tend it daily, and while you’re at it, get ten minutes worth of sun on your body.
  18. Listen to music—make a playlist and sing along. Music relieves tension, lowers stress hormones, aids memory and concentration, and improves your outlook on life.
  19. Start something creative—engaging the right side of your brain promotes relaxation and calmness.
  20. Get a pet—a furry companion can make you smile for hours on end. It will love you, look out for you, and will always be glad to see you.
  21. Do nothing—sit for no reason, get nothing done, hang out on a swing, lie on your kid’s bed and talk, do something just because it has no purpose, just because you want to.
  22. Play more—consider play as a means to make you laugh. Laughing increases the endorphins in your body and makes you feel terrific.
  23. Let go of worry—avoid obsessing over what might happen. Focusing on a negative outcome can create a negative outcome. Focus on what you want to happen instead.
  24. Pay attention to building stress—recognize the signs and make immediate changes. Start breathing, go for a walk, go home, close your door, and close your eyes.
  25. Start a journal—writing things down releases negative energy. Create a gratitude journal, or simply write down your thoughts to promote healing energy.