11 Fast Track Uppers

Mood Plan Program by Nisha Jackson, PhD, MS, WHCNP, HHP

11 Fast Track Uppers

11 Quick and Easy Mood Enhancers

  1. Begin daily – I do mean DAILY writing down at least 5 things you are thankful for. These five thins can be the same ones each day or could be new ones that you come up with, doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you are traveling in the positive direction instead of the negative direction. These exercises will immediately turn around your perspective on life and get your head moving in the right direction. This is powerful!
  2. Meditate—in a quiet place all by yourself for at least ten minutes. Set your intentions for the day, release negative energy, and fill up on positive energy and thoughts. If your thoughts stray while being quiet, say “stop” to your negativity and anxious mind and begin focusing only on your breathing. Count backwards from 100, starting over if you lose count (this helps you stay focused only on breathing and not the 100 other things you need to do).
  3. Eliminate or limit sugary foods and drinks and limit any food with flour or excessive starches to 2 per day maximum.

  4. Work up a sweat every day. Doesn’t matter what you do, work your body until you sweat and keep going if it feels good. You can’t expect your brain to be balanced if all you do is work your mind all week and not your body. The imbalance between your brain and body created by NO exercise will begin to feel like you’re a pressure cooker ready to explode. Get your brain happy by working your body!
  5. Balance your essential brain chemicals naturally. Don’t expect this to happen by sheer will-power – you need a supplement to boost the levels to get you back in the game! Rebalance MOOD will get you back to a state of mood/brain balance *(click here to order)
  6. Try something new—learn to snowshoe, hike a mountain, take a yoga class, go on a bike ride, start a language course, learn to knit, learn a sport.
 By stimulating your brain, you’ll generate more enthusiasm for life.
  7. Change your sleep habits—aim for eight hours of sleep per night – this is the only way you can recover your mood is to make all of the necessary hormones while you are sleeping to get powered up and balanced for the next day! 10pm – 2am much of the hormone production is done. Get to bed earlier! (Click here for the Powerful Rebalance Sleep supplement to get you to sleep faster and safer!)
  8. Exercise to sweating thirty minutes a day—your mind and body are one; when you exercise your body, you exercise your brain, which improves your emotional wellbeing. Get those endorphins working for you!
  9. Hormones – the powerful mood ingredient. Men low in testosterone will be irritable, crabby, and tired. Women low in progesterone or testosterone will feel weak, depressed, and anxious. Having your hormones tested and balanced can provide tremendous support in fixing depression, anxiety, sadness, or feeling overwhelmed. CLICK here to order a hormone testing and Rebalance KIT
  10. Let go of worry—avoid obsessing over what might happen. Focusing on a negative outcome can create a negative outcome. Focus on what you want to happen instead.
  11. Pay attention to building stress—recognize the signs and make immediate changes. Start breathing, go for a walk, go home, close your door, 
and close your eyes.

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