Hormone Testing Program

Hormone Plan Program by Nisha Jackson, PhD, MS, WHCNP, HHP
Hormone PLAN

Hormone Testing Program

The benefits of natural hormone therapy and balancing are usually noticed within a week or two after therapy begins. Response is monitored through visits and periodic laboratory testing. Periodic testing and visits will also monitor for side effects or necessary changes.

Take control… Get Tested… and let us customize a plan specific to your symptoms and goals.

You’ll receive: A comprehensive hormone and thyroid testing panel including:

  • Full Hormone Testing Panel Customized for Men or Women including: Estradiol, Progesterone, Total and Free Testosterone, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, Albumin
  • Comprehensive Thyroid Panel – TSH, Free T3, and Free T4
  • Stress Adrenal Testing including – DHEA-S and Testosterone Assays
  • Customized treatment plan including:
  • Full Blood Testing Order Kit
  • Test result analysis
  • Assessment of risk factors,
  • Evaluation of current medications and supplements and their effect on current symptoms and management
  • Stress reduction plan with Adrenal Stress Gland Monitoring
  • Diet recommendations and Program for weight loss
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Monthly newsletter subscription
  • Prescription recommendations if applicable

Rebalancing your hormones is just a click away!

  1. Once your payment is received, we will immediately ship you a special kit called “Labs in a Box”.
  2. This kit contains everything you need to have your hormones tested, including information on where to get your blood drawn in your specific area, along with all the supplies needed to do so.
  3. An email containing forms to be filled out so that a thorough evaluation of your medical history and current symptoms can be taken into consideration with the testing results. This will be emailed back to us.
  4. You will then simply take this kit to a local draw facility where the laboratory professionals will follow the instructions provided in the kit. Once samples are taken the Lab will FedEx the specimen directly to our state-of-the-art hormone specialty laboratory.
  5. Upon receiving the kit your blood will be analyzed, using the highest standards available and the results will be reviewed in detail by a licensed, trained medical and hormone consultant.
  6. Hormone Specialist Nisha Jackson will then using your test results, current history, symptoms and concerns, complete a program for individualized specifically to you that you can begin immediately.

It’s just that simple! Your results analysis, assessment and treatment plan can be sent via secure email, or a hard copy can be mailed to the address you specify.

Lab-In-A-Box for Hormones Reduced Price – $328

Includes laboratory testing, result analysis, assessment and treatment plan.


**For Online Skype Consult and Treatment Program – $88 additional –includes face-to-face evaluation and questions answered with recommendations for balance.

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