It’s All About Chemistry

Energy Plan Program by Nisha Jackson, PhD, MS, WHCNP, HHP
Energy PLAN

It’s all about Chemistry!

  1. If you are feeling the symptoms of HORMONE LOSS (PMS, Pre-menopause, or Andropause – male loss of hormone) this may be the direct cause of your fatigue. Consider taking the hormone quiz on this site to determine if it is time to get balanced hormonally. This has a profound effect on your energy. I have tested thousands of men and women over the last 20 years and I must say that improving hormone balance and correcting what each person is uniquely low in, has a tremendous effect on energy. Go to the hormone site to learn more about how you can be tested and treated for optimal mood, energy, sleep, and vitality! Click here for a Hormone Balancing Test and Consultation.
  2. Check your THYROID – a constant low energy or the classic “hitting the wall in the afternoon” may be an underlying low thyroid level. Insist on a full thyroid hormone panel when tested or Click here for testing options for the thyroid. The thyroid has 200 functions in the body, and the metabolism and energy are in the top 5 functions. Do not let this go untreated, as it has a negative effect on your heart, brain, and weight if left untreated.
  3. Check your Ferritin level – low iron storage will not only create a terrible feeling of fatigue, it can lead to headaches, dizziness (especially when you stand up quickly from the floor), easy bruising, and heavy periods. This can be corrected easily with the right iron formula and can wipe out fatigue quickly! Ask for a ferritin level at your medical appointment and shoot for a level of 50 or greater! Recent studies also confirm that optimizing ferritin levels increases dopamine in the brain – which induces a feeling of “well –being”.
  4. Take a Daily ENERGY supplement – The type of energy supplement can have a significant effect on your energy. The careful formulation of the exact herbs and botanicals to boost your energy will help get you back on track quickly! Click here for Balance Docs ENERGY supplement.
  5. Consider taking Magnesium –This not only boosts your energy, but will help strengthen your bones, keep your heart, nerves, and immune system functioning optimally. Sprinkle sesame seeds on your veggies (loaded with magnesium) and include in your diet dark leafy greens, pumpkin seeds, cashews, and high fiber foods.
  6. Stress Supplements are key to help regulate your cortisol (energy stress hormone) this is important to keep you functioning at a high level during the day- managing your stress and then putting your brain to sleep at night and recovering. To learn more about optimal stress rhythms or to order the STRESS PACK supplements click here.

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