Energy Plan

Energy Plan Program by Nisha Jackson, PhD, MS, WHCNP, HHP
Energy PLAN

Energy – There are 4 areas that must be addressed for the best results in improving energy.

If you used to a be a HIGH ENERGY person and now you are finding yourself repeating the mantra MUST STAY AWAKE every afternoon as your eyes are drooping and the yawns keep coming.  Let’s face it fatigue, exhaustion, and just being plain pooped out are international epidemics. Women who are burning the candle at both ends (and men too) are especially are plagued with flagging energy. 

Well… the good news is there is an answer to your flailing energy levels and if you follow these steps and hit the problem from 4 different angles; you will most definitely find your energy and stamina coming back to you like a long lost friend!

There are 4 areas that must be addressed for the best results in improving energy.


  • Energy blast foods – finding them and eating them daily
  • Ridding your system of energy zapping foods


  • Correcting NUTRITIONAL deficiencies known to cause fatigue
  • Balancing Hormones that have a direct effect on energy
  • Supplementing with herbs, minerals and vitamins that create powerful energy levels


  • Fatigue fighting fitness – yes it’s true… certain types of exercise lifts exhaustion
  • Sleep – the natural energy booster


  • Fixing the tired mind
  • Creating a new mantra that will send your energy levels through the roof
  • Finding the right balance with up and down time

Find the answers right here on Balance Docs and learn what thousands of my patients have already discovered…. You have all of the tools you need to feel great – you just need to know how to use them!

Energy UP!

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