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Interested in HIGH QUALITY supplements from an FDA approved laboratory, that REALLY work? Tired of sending your patients out to get supplements not knowing what they will use or if it is even standardized? Want to give your patients more than a prescription? Now is the time to use what other medical professionals all over have been raving about. Balance Docs Supplements work by quickly reducing symptoms, reducing the need for prescriptions, and radically improve patient satisfaction.  Send contact information for more education on Balance Docs supplements and how you can be part of the Balanced Medical Community.

Wholesale and Retail lists available for practicing medical providers – send contact information below and a Balance Docs Expert will return your call shortly.

Wholesale account set-up is available for practicing medical practitioners. This allows you to stock them in-office and provide your patients with the highest grade FDA approved laboratory supplements.

Research articles available on the ingredients of the supplements for more education and learning in the area of optimal balance.

Work directly with Nisha Jackson or other Balance Docs Experts to help treat your patients with alternatives that really work. One-on-one training on the supplements and patient education available to offer these products and services within your own practice.  Don’t wait… this is a valuable service that will improve your bottom line while insuring that your patients have the highest-grade supplements from an FDA approved lab.

This is a program certify medical practitioners in the area of hormone testing, balancing and the use of bio-identical hormones. This webinar course is 6 webinars that can be viewed at your leisure in your own office/home and will equip you with all of the tools needed to offer this specialized testing and balancing program for your patients. This includes all forms, office handouts for education and ongoing support for treatment protocols.  For more information and training – send contact information below.

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