Fight Fatigue! Part 4: Drink Water & Consider Supplements

Written by Nisha Jackson on . Posted in Fatigue

Fight Fatigue – Final Steps….Drink Water & Consider a Supplement!

The final part to my action packed plan to fight fatigue is finally here! I hope these tips have helped you over the past month. These final two pieces are essential to fighting fatigue and boosting energy!

5.     Fight Fatigue with Fluids: Water is essential for carrying nutrients to your body’s cells and taking away waste.  Approximately 60% of your body’s weight is water and you lose it through sweating, urinating, and breathing. When your body is low on water, you will feel drained and weaker than normal.  Consuming a tall glass of water when you are starting to fade will likely reverse the fatigue.  Replenishing water and fluids (including from fruits and veggies) throughout the day will help replenish water you are losing and help you maintain a steady energy level.

6.     Consider Supplements:  The supplements most known for improving energy are; Vitamin D (in dosages to keep your blood level in the optimal range), B-vitamins, Co-Enzyme-Q10, L-Carnitine, Vitamin C, and Ginseng. In my office I use a natural Energy Supplement called ENERGY, and work to correct underlying deficiencies in nutrients, vitamins, and hormone levels to improve energy and correct imbalances. This is extremely powerful for mood, sleep, brain function, and energy. 
Try implementing these changes slowly or consider adding one change per week to improve your energy throughout the day and to keep you from fading in the afternoon.  Keeping your energy steady through good self-care will not only improve your productivity throughout the day by enhancing brain function, but will give you the added benefit of a better mood and stabilized blood sugar for better weight control and fewer cravings!