Loss of Sex Drive & Libido

Alternative Treatments

Alternative medicine comes up just as short as conventional medicine in the treatment of loss of sex drive experienced by most women as a result of hormone imbalance. Information we have is anecdotal. It relates to the use of Belladonna, an herb with central nervous system action. It induces dilation of the pupils and was used by courtesans in the 18th century in Italy to attract men. I have never heard it used in the 21st century for the improvement of sex drive.

DHEA Dihydroepiandrosterone (Di-hidro-epi-andro-sterone) is a precursor of Estrone, testosterone and estradiol. It is available over the counter and used as androgen replacement for women with loss of sex drive. The most popular products are Natrol and Just Right. Data on the efficacy of DHEA are variable. Improvement in sexual function may occur but side-effects of increased hair growth and acne limit its use.

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