Hair Loss

The Frenzy of Hair Loss

Have you ever lost handfuls of hair in the shower and started screaming? Have you notice that the part in your hair is getting awfully wide? Are you panicking about the looks of your hair? Well if so, then you might find this information interesting and useful.

When men and women transition through hormone changes during the early stages of Menopause (ages 30-50 for women) and Andropause (ages 40-60 for men), hormone changes can lead to hair loss. This is somewhat concerning for men and women but even more so for women. The thought of showing the signs of balding or hair thinning is enough to make most of us sick.

The causes of hair loss can be attributed to such things as; stress, B-vitamin deficiency, zinc deficiency, thyroid disorder, genetics, and also loss of essential hormones. When women begin to lose estrogen, (a female hormone), testosterone (a male hormone) levels start to rise a bit, causing an imbalance and leading to hair loss and sometimes facial hair. For men it is the failing levels of testosterone that often lead to higher levels of estrogen that can lead to hair loss for men.

Another obvious hormone imbalance that promotes hair loss is a low thyroid or underproduction of thyroid hormones. It is so important that a full thyroid panel be ordered to assess the status. Having a trained medical expert in the area of hormone imbalances evaluate the levels if you become symptomatic or regularly as you age is of utmost importance in carefully monitoring these changing levels.

Here are some additional pointers on promoting hair growth.

  • Use lavender drops in your conditioner. Research has shown that lavender promotes hair growth and can help arrest hair loss. Use three to four drops in your conditioner daily treatment rubbed into your scalp.
  • EFA’s essential fatty acids found in fish, nuts, seeds, flax-seeds are wonderful for the skin, hair and nails. Try to eat salmon, trout or halibut, three times weekly. Go for a handful of almonds or seeds daily.
  • Zinc 15-25mg daily.
  • Copper 2-3mg daily. This supports the collagen in the hair; making it stronger
  • Use a conditioner daily that has vitamin E and Biotin in it.
  • Limit bleaching, heavy hair products and over-drying your hair.
  • Try washing your hair every other day instead of daily.
  • Use Nioxin Shampoo which can be very supportive to the scalp.
  • Increase the water that you drink to at least eight (8 oz) glasses daily.
  • Have your hormone and thyroid levels check. Get them into the optimal ranges and balanced.
  • Consider hormone therapy if your levels are low to support a healthy head of hair!

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