Are You Getting Enough Water?

Drink Up!

Many people want to know how much water they need to drink in one day. I often find it difficult to give one solid answer, since each of us are different heights, weights, etc. This variation in size creates a different need between us for water consumption. According to Dr. Batmanghelidi and others that have researched the “Body’s need for hydration,” you can actually calculate fairly easily your needs for daily water.

Your daily filtered water requirement can be computed by taking your total body weight and dividing it in half. This amount of total body weight divided into two, will give you the amount of ounces you need in one day of water.

The other very easy way to know if you are getting enough water is to make sure your urine is very pale yellow or nearly clear, which means you are well hydrated.

You may need to measure your water at first to become accustomed to that specific amount and to get used to it.

Try to avoid caffeine and sugary drinks, as this dehydrates you more and does not count as part of your water requirements.

Have a BIG glass of water 30 minutes before each meal with some lemon to help with providing a sensation of fullness and for cleansing!

Here’s to a Hydrated Week!

Good luck on your journey!

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