12 Week Balance Plan

The 12 Week Balance Yourself Plan

So many of you faithful readers are already thinking about what you can do after Summer ends to get yourself back on track and feeling better BEFORE the Holiday’s arrive…

Summer has a way of getting us all off schedule; with staying up late, eating too much junk, and cramming way too much into our daily routine…

If you need a jump start… Consider the 12 week program to Self Balance; it works!


Week #1

Food Food Food
If you want to immediately start feeling more energy, less cravings, less pain, better memory, improved mood and re-shaping of your body……
Then you must change your diet.

Start with eating the “breakfast of champions”
Include protein (about 14 – 21 grams) at breakfast; 2 – 3 eggs
High fiber carbohydrate: fruit, ½ slice of whole grain toast
Green Tea

Eat every four hours during the day

Avoid all sugar; read labels
4 grams of sugar = 1 tsp of sugar
Coke has about 11 tsp of sugar in one can

Stop eating 2 to 3 hours before bed

Week #Two

Start dropping excessive sugary or starchy carbohydrates;
No more than 1-2 per day
Begin drinking water 1 gallon per day with
6 oz of unsweetened cranberry juice
Start your day with fresh lemon in hot water for detox

Week # Three

Add supplements to your daily plan
Calcium Magnesium (liquid/citrate)
B-complex (high potency)
Flax Seeds or Flax Oil or Fish Oil
Add a handful of nuts to your diet daily
Begin walking/cycling/climbing/dancing for 20 min. Mon Wed Fri

Week # Four

Add protein to each meal at least 14 grams for women
Or 21 grams for men

Try to eat protein, good high fiber carbohydrate,
And good fat like nuts or olive oil or avocados at each meal.

Consider having a hormone evaluation for added balance;
If you are suffering from hormone related symptoms.

Week # Five

Start spending 10 min per day closing your eyes and relaxing;
Breathing in for 6 counts holding for 3 counts and exhaling for 7-8 counts.

Eliminate things on your to do list that do not absolutely have to be there

Begin your day with three stretches to wake up your body

Organize your week one day during the week – have a game plan for success

Week # Six

Increase your walking to five days per week

Add weight resistance training – like rubber bands to build muscle

Week # Seven

Start changing your language to yourself
I am healthy
I am doing all of the right things to get control of my life
I am beautiful
I am strong
I am clear minded
Let go of negativity – It will set you back weeks

Week # Eight

Take a personal contact inventory
Who are the people that surround you and how to they influence you?

Energizers Neutrals Drainers

Work to reduce the drainers in your life and seek to find more energizers

Week # Nine

Concentrate on planning

Spend 5 min each night to get your food together for you and your family
Set out what you want to fix for dinner (2 min)
Set out your lunch bag and some of the food

Keep higher protein snacks in reaching distance
Cut up veggies and have in baggies in frig (do this on Sunday or once/week)
Keep nuts on the counter

Week # Ten

Increase weight resistance training to three days per week

Keep cardio at five to six days per week

If you like resistance training more you can flip flop them

Or for more fat-burning add 20 min of brisk walking to evenings

Week # Eleven

If cravings are an issue for you; start supplements

Chromium Picolinate 200-400mcg before each meal
L-glutamine 1000mg before each meal

Make sure you are eating every 4 hours or at least 4 times per day with enough protein
Drink water all day

Sugar cravings = low blood sugar
Salt cravings = low water intake

Week # Twelve

Putting it all together
Relaxation/Meditation/Positive Focus
Hormone Balance

Good luck on your journey!by Nisha Jackson, PhD, WHCNP, HHP