Testosterone Supplementation

Administration of Testosterone Supplement

One of significant drawbacks to testosterone supplementation has been its method of administration. Testosterone cannot be given by mouth because it does not get absorbed from the stomach. For years, the only method in use was by injection. Unreasonable, this is too invasive and painful. Most men would rather have symptoms of hormone depletion than take a shot every day or once a week. Most likely, this situation precluded testosterone supplementation from becoming popular with the public at large. For years, injectable supplementation it was reserved for the very young, sick with severe medical needs, not commonly used by men wanting to stay young and healthy.

Finally a patch named Androderm was developed. Initially it was used in men with testosterone deficiency diseases, AIDS related malnutrition. Body builders quickly followed and women too. Androderm did not make a big splash with middle-aged men. Medical drawbacks abounded: too many skin reactions, unpredictability of absorption, often times increase in aggressive behavior. The dosing is rigid, and absorption unpredictable because the patch stays on your skin for days. It holds a small reservoir of testosterone and the amount released is variable. Another problem with the use of Androderm by healthy people is its esthetics. Wearing a patch is unsightly and many men and women feel it detracts from feeling sexy and remove it during sex. This makes its reliability even poorer and its cost becomes prohibitive. In 2000, Androgel 1% testosterone gel, came to the market. The FDA approved it for “treatment of low testosterone levels linked to decreased sex drive, impotence, reduced lean body mass, decreased bone density, and lowered mood and energy levels”. The once-daily topical gel was not evaluated in women or men with prostate or breast cancer. Androgel is a synthetic form of testosterone (methyltestosterone) in gel form, with good absorption but rigid dosing. Androgel is superior to Androderm because its method of administration is more appealing, and the absorption improved.

Internal Medicine World Report, in an article published January 2001, reported on the successful use of testosterone in pellet form. This method involved insertion of testosterone under the skin, in three to six 200-mg pellets that provided adequate testosterone supplementation for 4 to 6 months. The study came from Australia and reflected the results of an exhaustive 19 year study involving men between the ages of 24 and 67. Beneficial results of testosterone involved more than its effects on enhanced sexuality and muscle mass. The possibility of positive cardiac effects on the men who participated was raised by the results of the study.

Another form of administration is micronized testosterone. Like natural estrogen and progesterone, this form of supplementation is sold directly to pharmacists in powder form and is mixed to the doctor’s specifications. This method is superior to the pharmaceutical standard methods because the dosage can be individually altered by the physician. It is of great value to the patient because it addresses the individual’s needs and not statistically determined dosages. Adroderm, Androgel and pellets are rigidly dosed and the doctor does not have much input as to the adjustment of each patient’s dosage. They’re also synthetic preparations of the hormone. Micronized testosterone is a natural base formulation and the patients followed in the Hormone Solution program, experience a rapid, gentle rise in their testosterone levels with remarkable effects and exquisite safety records. The method of application is gentle and comfortable. A specifically designed amount is rubbed into the area of the inner thigh or on the scrotum once or twice a day. The dosage is easily adjusted using this method: it is determined by symptom relief in conjunction with close monitoring of testosterone blood levels.

Testosterone is available by prescription only. Some states further supervise its usage by classifying it as a controlled substance. That is because it has been recklessly used by body builders. Androgel and Androderm patches can be obtained at any regular pharmacy, or it can be individually compounded in the micronized form in specialized pharmacies.

The Hormone Solution program successfully integrates individualized dosing of micronized testosterone with diet, exercise and lifestyle in a comprehensive, medically supervised fashion treating the whole man’s needs. I strongly advise you to talk to your doctor and together evaluate your particular situation. Once the diagnosis of testosterone deficiency is made, you owe it to yourself to get the best preparation for you. Work with your doctor and find the type of supplementation best suited for your symptoms and lifestyle.

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