Symptoms of Menopause

What are the Symptoms of Menopause?

Some of you out there might need to re-fill your tool chest with “symptom-relief” options for Menopausal or Perimenopausal side effects or concerns…. Consider the following “fast-track” symptom control plan!

Hot Flashes/ Night Sweats

  • Black Cohosh 40mg daily
  • Vitamin E 400- 800 IU daily
  • Evening primrose oil 1000-2000mg/day
  • Flax seed, meal or oil 2-3 Tablespoons or 4-8 capsules
  • Reduce caffeine, stress, alcohol, hot beverages and spicy foods
  • Dress in layers, use fans, drink cold beverages
  • Paced respiration at onset of hot flash (slow, deep abdominal breathing)
  • Exercise daily, avoid smoking

Mood / Depression

  • 5HTP 50-100 mg at bedtime B-complex orally, sublingual drops, or injection in AM
  • Progesterone 20-60 mg at bedtime, topically (have levels drawn to make sure dose is right)
  • St. Johns Wort
  • GABA 250mg twice daily for anxiety
  • Daily Exercise and balanced diet


  • Consistently get 7-9 hours of sleep
  • Go to sleep by 10 PM.
  • B-complex orally, sublingual drops, or injection
  • Daily exercise. You will sleep better and have more energy.
  • Improve diet. Do not skip meals, eat low fat protein at each meal, and limit sugar and simple carbohydrates.


  • Decrease alcohol, caffeine, and other stimulants
  • Develop a bedtime ritual (bath, relaxing music, reading)
  • Herbal teas (chamomile, passion flower, lemon balm, sleepy time)
  • Daily exercise and balanced diet.
  • Sleep support supplement “End Fatigue/Sleep” a great natural supplement for improving sleep.
  • 5HTP 50-100mg in the evening, valerian root, or melatonin 1-3mg nightly. (can be purchased here)


  • Take care of yourself and your relationship. Feeling good physically and emotionally is important for libido.
  • Set aside time to be intimate.
  • L-Arginine 1500mg/night improves blood flow to the genitals.
  • Have hormones checked, as DHEA or Testosterone levels could be low.

Weight Gain

  • Daily exercise for 30-60 minutes
  • Improve diet; less bread/starches; more fruit veggies, and fiber, protein with each meal and NO sugar!
  • Chromium Picolinate 200mg 2-3x/day for blood sugar balance.

Memory loss / mental fog

  • Adequate sleep and balanced diet
  • Exercise daily
  • Keep your mind active: take a class, do crossword puzzles, read
  • Fish Oil 3000mg daily
  • L-Carnitine 750-1000mg daily on empty stomach
  • B-Complex drops or capsules daily after breakfast

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