Sugar Sensitive

Are you Sugar Sensitive?

I changed my diet to help get in better shape for a sunny vacation! I wanted to trim off some fat that crept in through the holidays. I started eating every 2 hours during the day and I am amazed at how this has reshaped my body, energized my brain, and kept me feeling so much better throughout the day. I am a major sugar-a-holic and work hard to keep this in check. I have always eaten regularly, but stepping up the small snack like meals more frequently really stoked my metabolism and helped me get off the fat I needed to loose! Try it if you suffer from sugar cravings!

Are You Sugar Sensitive Quiz

  • Do you find yourself wanting something sweet, even if you are full?
  • When you are tired, do you often eat foods that are sugary or starchy (breads, crackers, chips?)
  • Do you feel tired or irritable after consuming sugary foods or drinks (including alcohol?)
  • Does eating sweets or heavy starches make you feel happy and less depressed initially and then later tired and irritable?
  • Do you store fat around the middle part of your body easily?
    Do people know you as someone that enjoys desert?

If you said yes to two or more of these questions you are significantly sugar sensitive and would benefit from a higher protein, low sugar/starch diet, filled with plenty of veggies, fruit and high fiber carbohydrates.

Here are some quick tips to get a handle on your sugar and flour habit!

  • Start eating every 3 hours during the day. You need something high in fiber and a lean protein. Such as celery and peanut butter; low fat string cheese and an apple; high fiber low carb crackers with low fat cream cheese; ½ of a protein bar, or low sugar yogurt (1/2 container)
  • Eliminate the sugar out of your diet, and give yourself 72 hours without it. You will be amazed at how little your cravings will bother you (as long as you eating every 3 hours)
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water during the day.
  • Add 20 additional grams of fiber as a supplement daily; this can be in the form of ground flax seed added to food; or just mixed with water or protein shake. This will cause you to feel more full and have less cravings.
  • Most people don’t take sugar addiction seriously. Over time, excessive sugar robs bodies of the essential nutrients and vitamins that ward off tooth decay, obesity, diabetes, stroke, cancer, heart disease, PMS, fatigue, attention and concentration problems. Never eat flour, sugar, chips, cookies, or anything that is a simple starchy carbohydrate on an empty stomach; this will start the nasty chain of cravings and play havoc with your blood sugar, and brain chemistry. Don’t do it to yourself; break for a nap not hot chocolate and a cookie.
  • Stop drinking all sugary drinks! They are loaded with fat, calories, and sugar and do absolutely nothing for you; except make you fat and irritable!
  • Consider starting chromium drops under the tongue 30 min before each meal (see my product list)
    L-Glutamine is excellent for sugar cravings and blood sugar balance; take one, 30 minutes before each meal.
  • Get your thyroid tested and in the optimal range. Low thyroid or hypothyroidism can cause weight gain, exploit sugar cravings, and make you feel very depressed! Make sure all hormones are in harmony with each other!

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