Sex Drive and Low Libido

Sex Drive and Low Libido

The Libido Quiz: How Healthy is Yours?

  • Do you avoid intimate situations that may lead to sexual intimacy?
  • Have you lost interest in sex or have said to yourself lately “I’m just fine without sex?”
  • Has the frequency of sex reduced in the last several months or years?
  • Do you argue with your partner about the frequency of sex?
  • Would your partner like to have sex more than you?
  • Do you have pain with sex or problems with performance?

If you answered yes to two or more of the above questions your sex drive may be in trouble. Read how to improve your drive below.

Simple Solutions for a Healthy Sex Drive

Testosterone therapy for men and women
Only a fraction of women are offered testosterone therapy, despite it’s proven positive effect on bone loss, heart disease, breast health, muscle mass, strength, mental performance, sex drive and sexual sensation. Natural testosterone therapy prescribed for low blood levels of testosterone can be extremely effective for improved sex drive. Men and women also find that there mental sharpness and zest for life often return too, when treated.

This amino acid promotes blood flow and vascular relaxation. Research has shown L-Arginine to be effective at increasing sexual arousal, through the action of increased blood flow. Foods high in this amino acid are: meat sources, dairy products like eggs, and fish. Supplements of L-Arginine at doses of 1000-1500mg once or twice daily can be helpful also.

This supplement is one of the best supplements to improve energy, strength, endurance, immunity and hormone support. This hormone produced by the adrenals, declines with age. Levels in the blood can be tested and this hormone replaced to optimal levels.

Black Cohosh
This herbal supplement can help with sex drive and arousal and may additionally help with hot flashes and vaginal dryness.

Keeping your liver healthy with adequate levels of B-vitamins, will promote healthy hormone metabolism.

This natural product (a mucuna bean) has been used for centuries to improve sexual arousal and drive. Recommended dose is 300 mg daily.

Hormone Testing
Consider a hormone evaluation which can be done at any age and is a simple blood draw. Most insurance companies can be billed for these tests. Obtaining your personal hormone profile will assist your medical provider in designing a program for you that creates balance and great sex drive.

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