Perfect Hormone Balance

Perfect Hormone Balance

Hormones and Testing

Women in ever-increasing numbers are seeking alternatives to traditional healthcare—and for good reason. Women of all ages can suffer problems such as: weight gain, hot flashes, depression, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, wrinkles, loss of sex drive, incontinence, headaches, acne, insomnia, and many more. Often after a physical exam and a few questions, to her dismay her doctor suggests that what she’s going through is perfectly normal: –for her age…

Oprah, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Robin McGraw, Suzanne Somers, and many other hormone advocates have recently begun talking about how women can take control of their symptoms, and I whole-heartedly agree! Hormones are essential to life, and when they are out of balance at any age, whether it be from lack of sleep, poor diet, genetics, stress, pregnancy, environmental toxins, PMS, or menopause, women and girls can feel terrible!

Why test hormones? So many times we end up getting a prescription for a symptom like depression, when what we should be doing is having a hormone test to determine the underlying problem! Testing allows the hormone expert to design a program that is individualized to the patient’s own personal hormone levels and needs. This tool has greatly enhanced my ability to help women, teens, and men overcome their medical issues and nagging symptoms that many have had for years, with no relief. Once the testing is done, the option to use bioidentical hormones, or natural supplements are often discussed to help create a better balance and eliminate the ongoing symptoms. Bioidentical hormones are molecularly, an exact replica of one’s own hormones, and are often compounded in the pharmacy to the precise dosage requirements of the person. I strongly feel that this approach to hormone imbalance is far superior to synthetic – (not molecularly identical to human hormones) and have seen it really change women’s lives over the years. The key is individualized care, and working with a hormone medical specialist, who understands hormone testing, and treatment options available, to get you on back on track to feeling and looking great!

If you have had hormone changes and have not been able to find the right solutions, consider visiting my website for more information and details on how to get on the path for excellent hormone balance!

Good luck on your journey!

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